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Belle Meade Vacations opened for business in March of 2002. Each of our Travel Advisors have years of travel industry experience and have traveled extensively throughout the world in order to bring our clients current travel information and insider knowledge. We know the importance of being experienced travelers and we pride ourselves on our continuing travel education through travel seminars, online programs and personal travel experience.

Meet the Team at Belle Meade Vacations

Janet Krebs - Partner, Travel Advisor

Janet Krebs - Partner, Travel Advisor

Cynthia Kear - Partner, Travel Advisor

Cynthia Kear - Partner, Travel Advisor

Lee Robinson - Partner, Travel Advisor

Cindy Farringer, Partner, Travel Advisor

Laura Baker, Partner, Travel Advisor

Elizabeth Dingess, Partner, Travel Advisor

J.C. Bark - Operations Manager

Susan Haban, Admin Support

Barry Caldwell - Travel Advisor - Belle Meade Vacations

Barry Caldwell - Travel Advisor

Bernadette Osborne Tucker DS

Bernadette Osborne Tucker - Travel Advisor

Beth Ambrose - Travel Advisor

Lynnda Donnelly - Travel Advisor

Mindy Livingston - Travel Advisor

Neel Young - Travel Advisor

Betsy Ferguson - Travel Advisor

Betsy Ferguson - Travel Advisor

Kim Ann Snodgrass, Travel Advisor

Edie High, Travel Advisor

Marion Floyd, Travel Advisor

Arden Mcelroy, Travel Advisor

Lisa Hunt, Travel Advisor

Let Belle Meade Vacations' Travel Advisors Share Their Destination Knowledge And Experience With You.

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Virtuoso® is a network of the world's finest travel agencies.  It's a by-invitation only organization through which Member travel advisors have privileged access to exclusive amenities, travel offers, and rare experiences that you can't get on your own. 

When you work with a Virtuoso travel advisor, not only will you gain access to deep travel expertise, you’ll also discover a specialist in you. Someone who knows your passions. Your unique style. And your dreams. As a specialist in you, Virtuoso advisors are uniquely qualified to design the most fulfilling experiences with many lasting memories.

So whether you’re looking to plan your next trip or want to hire an expert to map out your future travel aspirations with a Wanderlist® travel portfolio, a Virtuoso travel advisor is just a click away. 

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