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Belle Meade Vacations

Tucson Arizona

Lucky are those who've spent time in this desert town surrounded by four mountain ranges.

Tucson is a unique mix of modern and ancient, with historic neighborhoods clustered together making walking tours easy and fun. 

Within an easy drive, is the incredible, indigenous Arizona Sonora Desert Wildlife Museum, the scenic and natural beaty of Sabino Canyon, 

the East and West Sagauro National Parks and Tucson Mountan Park.  If it's a warm day and you'd like to escape the heat, take a 40 minute drive up to Mount Lemmon,

the most Southerly ski destination in the continental US.

Coyote relaxing  tucson desert museum 


Not to be missed;

Cafe Poca Cosa, eating here is like being invited to the finest Sonoran Hacienda.  Complex, sauces and seasonings will delight your senses, I promise, you won't be disappointed.

link to Cafe Poca Cosa


The Bluest Skies the bluest sky