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Belle Meade Vacations

Eloise Foley

Eloise Foley - Belle Meade VacationsI work with travelers who are culturally curious, have a sense of adventure, a love of history, and are comfortable traveling alone, or with like-minded people, to fascinating destinations.

I have been working in the travel business for many years. For the last fourteen years I have been living in the United States, working as an Independent Contractor, with Belle Meade Vacations, the leading Virtuoso travel company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Each day I have the pleasure of working with travelers of varying age groups, with a myriad of trip requests, and I passionately curate an ideal itinerary for each client.

Whatever your travel type...

An unforgettable train journey | private yachting holiday or riverboat cruise | adventure packed Safari | luxury sojourn to the Caribbean or Pacific Islands | spa getaway | golf or fishing expedition | wine and food experience | Arctic and Antarctica voyages | an adrenaline escape

...I will create the perfect itinerary, ensuring you an unforgettable travel experience, and lasting memories.|