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Sedona rocks!

"Sedona as a whole is a vortex with the energy spread throughout like a bowl"  Dennis Andres

Seconds before my aunt Louise died of a a previously unknown brain tumor she turned to my mother and said, "Papa wants his black goin to church hat, the one with the wide red band that he lost in the flood" , my mom nodded and smiled as one does with those off their rocker.  Upon leaving the hospital an apparently homeless man approached us to ask if my mother had some work he could do to earn a meal, he was wearing an old black stetson hat with a (you guessed it) wide red band and it looked like it might has been retrieved from flood water.  Now you're wondering what this has to do with travel?  The short answer is nothing; but it's a fun story, legend in my family, and I like telling it plus it provides a nice segue to my recent visit to Sedona, AZ, where the ghosts are mischievous and spiritual activity is abundant.

Sedona is nested amid unique red sandstone formations considered sacred to Native Americans, an area made famous by the spiritual elite of the 80s.  Some believe the surreal red rock formations were placed there by Aliens.  Some say it's the center of the vortexes that radiate the earth's energy.  The area attracts art collectors, outdoor enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, artists and healers from all over the world and travelers looking for a a cool unique vibe.  While there you can utilize the services of clairvoyants, psychics, breath work practitioners or chakra attunement.  Visit Shaman, Reiki,Christian, Buddhist or Energy healers. Have your astrology, tarot, aura color, past life or numerology read.  engage in activities such as yoga, tai chi, quigong and of course, Vortex Tours.

Sedona's not just for new agers though, it's also a world class art destination that inspired artists such as Max Ernst and the sculptor, Nassan Gobran.  Artistic presence is evident all over town, from the Sedona Art Center to enchanting sculptures scattered around various parking lots.  An outdoor lovers paradise, with opportunities for hiking, rafting, mountain biking, horse-back riding and 4 wheeling tours. 

Go for the scenery!  Go for the art!  Go for dinner with views like nowhere else on earth. Go for the multitude of characters drawn here, a few of which are hyper sane humans (as in really in touch with what's important while we inhabit this planet), some seem just like you and me, whatever your reason for going you won't be bored!

Must Sees: 

Chapel Of The Holy Cross, Slide Rock State Park, Oak Creek Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Buddha Beach

Resorts of Note: 

Enchantment Resort, L'Auberge, El Portal

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