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A long time ago when film had to be loaded into large heavy metal cameras, J.C. Bark studied the great photographers and thought she’d become the next Dorothea Lange, but when she reckoned all the pitfalls that come with success;
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Above the Arctic Circle

"You sail with humility every time, with open eyes. Nothing is clear"  Captain Etienne Garcia, Le Boreal

The polar Arctic, the polar opposite of the Antarctic,  the differences might surprise you.

Check out this article by Arnie Weissmann with Travel Weekly about his Abercrombie & Kent trip through the Svalbard archipelago above the Arctic Circle


and then see his follow up Climate change, front and center in travel


"The full Sprectrum of travel experiences reflects the wide range of human desire and longing, from simple rest and relaxation to potentially life-changing, revelatory epiphanies. An Arctic trip certainly has the potential for procuding the latter"  Arnie Weissmann


Sedona rocks!


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Wednesday, 24 October 2018