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A long time ago when film had to be loaded into large heavy metal cameras, J.C. Bark studied the great photographers and thought she’d become the next Dorothea Lange, but when she reckoned all the pitfalls that come with success;
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A & K plans to offer 600 mile river cruise from Cairo to Aswan

U.S State Dept. lifts Egypt travel alert and Egypt is readying for long needed tourism

Per Michelle Baran with Travel Weekly, extensive  irrigation projects will soon allow cruising to overnight passengers once again after a long 20 year wait. Click on link for Michelle's full article.  Egypt opens stretch of Nile River between Cairo, Luxor to cruising

For those who hunger for ancient temples and antiquities, towns that have survived since the fourth millennium BC, monasteries and Coptic churches, they'll find that an Egyptian Nile experience will provide ample rewards.

Egypt has more history than nearly anywhere else in the world, take Wadi el Hitan or 'Valley of the Whales", a desert that was once an ocean over 23 million years ago, now a UNESCO Heritage site.  If visiting this place and others wonders of Egypt doesn't give you goose bumps you'd better check your pulse for signs of life.  

Bush Flying in New Guinea
Travel Taking Off Despite Economy


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Wednesday, 24 October 2018