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A long time ago when film had to be loaded into large heavy metal cameras, J.C. Bark studied the great photographers and thought she’d become the next Dorothea Lange, but when she reckoned all the pitfalls that come with success;
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20 Truths about Virtuoso Travel Advisors

New clients sometimes enquire, "what can Travel Agents do for me that I can't do for myself"? My typical responses are generally something like, "we tailor the trip to suit you, because your dreams and desires weren't forged on a factory line neither should your hard won vacations." "Who's got your back when your flight from Milan to Rome gets cancelled."? "Who will advise that the area in Viet Nam you're wanting to visit was damaged by last years typhoon."?  "And did I mention we've got people!  everywhere!"  I could go on but you savvy travelers already know all this and that's why you call us.  However, this link about Virtuoso Advisors is really fun, informative and not nearly so wordy.

So for your enjoyment.   20 Truths about Virtuoso Travel Advisors

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018