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I love to travel. It excites me when I am discussing and planning the perfect itinerary with each individual, whether it's the seasoned traveler or someone taking a trip for the very first time.
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What Kind Of Caribbean Vacation Do you Really Want?

What Kind Of Caribbean Vacation Do you Really Want?

I am from a small Caribbean Island and for a number of years I traveled and arranged small group charters to nearby Islands.

Although these Islands were only ten to fifty minutes flying time away, I was always amazed by the cultural differences. It wasn’t just about their majestic mountains reaching to the sky or their tranquil turquoise beaches. It was the soul of each Island, it was a pulsating ryhthm that beckoned and captivated you. 

It was the people and their endearing smiles, their languages, their superb gastronomy, their intoxicating music, art, dances and their flambouyant festivals. It was the perfect picture that could not be captured on camera, only by travelers who were lucky enough to travel inland and explore, experience and taste these treasures that lay beyond the beach.

Over the years I’ve invited my American and British clients traveling to the Caribbean to step out of their comfort zone and really immerse themsleves in the local island culture. I created itineraries that encouraged them to do so. They came back giddy, and excited about revisiting that Island and ready to explore neighbouring Islands. 

There are so many lesser known Islands that are so full of charm and so very unique. There are French Islands such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes and Marie-Galante; Dutch Islands like Sint Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire; 

British Islands such as Montserrat, Tortola, Other Islands such as Nevis, Dominica, Bequia and Carriacou just to name a few.

We create different travel packages, customized for each traveler: 

  • A villa or apartment and car package with optional enticing tours and restaurant suggestions 
  • A boutique hotel centrally located with airport transfers
  • A detailed planned tour with local guides and driver
  • Festival packages
  • Gastronomic and gourmet rum tasting packages
  • Top Art and Music show packages
  • And if you are an active traveler, interested in land or water activities we do create many varied and delightful packages 

Whether it’s your first trip to the Caribbean or if you are now ready to have a true Caribbean experience then contact me:  We do know what you want.

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