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An Unforgettable Vacation…Luxury in Prague!

If you are looking for a vacation defined by luxury, then you want to consider Prague.  Often called the “Pearl of Europe”, Prague protects many of the world’s most historic sites, beautiful architecture and oldest customs. 

As the many castles and palaces will show, Prague knows luxury.  This city boasts 27 five star hotels, many of which are historic structures.  The service, grandeur of the design and lavish furnishings will have you thinking that you are a guest of royalty.

There are occasions in your life that you will always remember.  You will experience three of those moments when you visit Prague. 

Charles Bridge empty 192x128

Your first glimpse of the Charles Bridge is one.  This immense stone structure was built in 1357 (obviously built to last) is the iconic structure of Prague.  As you walk across this bridge, you truly feel that you are stepping back in time. 

Your first visit to the Prague Royal Summer Palace is another.  What a breath taking experience.  The architecture of landmark is perhaps the purest Italian Renaissance outside of Italy.  Construction of the palace began in 1538 by Ferdinand I for his beloved wife, Queen Ann.  Perhaps loved too much, she died before the construction was complete giving birth to her 15th child.

czech dark lager 100x133

Your first glass the famous Czech dark larger (and a bowl of gulášovka) will be the occasion that will have you planning your next visit.  Czechs consume 160 liters of beer per capita per year.  That is a record.  It’s more than any other country in the world.  But I have to say that it’s for the right reason.  Czech lager just tastes that good, especially when it is served with that bowl of thick goulash soup.  Of course this makes sense when you know that Prague is where modern beer was invented.  Find a good pub where the locals go and you will be sure to have an unforgettable meal and a great time.

Warning:  Once you have had a Czech lager, you will be spoiled for anything else. 

If you are looking for a luxury vacation steeped in history, architecture, art and music, or if you just want to have the original and the finest brew, a luxury vacation in Prague should be at the top of your list.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018